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J.D. Sage
(Poet, Songwriter, Musician, Campanologist, Exotic percussionist)

Born and raised in Australia, based in Montréal, Québec he is the modern version of a medieval troubadour or minnesinge; those roaming musicians who composed music and poems denouncing the hypocrisy and praising the beauty of their times: Those wandering minstrels who travelled from place to place blending ideas and emotions into songs and melodies that enlightened and entertained the people who heard them; or so they hoped...

Like them, J.D. Sage plays his own music, sings his own words, most of the time...

Like them, he knows about borders and has travelled far in his search for forms of truth on high mountains, windy beaches, awesome coastlines, angry seas and strange lands.

He has been kindly supported in musical production by great musicians such as Garland Jeffreys, Colin Doroschuck (Men Without Hats) and Claude Ranger. Thanks also to Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) for the use of the heritage Harmony electric guitar I used on one of my favorite songs called "Miners of Brazil" (AMERICAS and AMERICAS II albums). iTunes

Fascinated by psycho-acoustics, strings and campanology (the study of bells), he has combined these interests with his love of music and the oceans to create soothing and evocative lyrics and sounds. He has played many great bells around the world: The Great bell at Mingun, Burma (Myanmar); the Great bell at Kamakura, Japan; the big Hemmony bell in the Old Church of Amsterdam, Netherlands; and the Great bell in Havana Cathedral, Cuba.

"These sleepsongs may calm and I hope they do

Stretch your mind, make you feel good too

And if by chance they speak for you

It's proof to me the words are true"

J.D.Sage (Troubadour) Red Guitar Montreal Skyline. (Photo: Pierre Poulin)

J.D.Sage (Troubadour) Red Guitar Montreal Skyline. (Photo: Pierre Poulin)

J.D. Sage





     如同他们一样,J.D Sage常常做他自己的音乐,唱他自己的歌曲,他并且到遥远的地方去旅行,在那高高的山脉,在那刮风的海滩,在那令人畏惧的海岸线,在那暴风雨的海面,和陌生的领地去寻找真理。





J. D. Sage

J.D. Sage is indebted to the poetic tradition of Tang Dynasty China (618 a.d. - 907 a.d.);
the I-Ching (1558 b.c - 1050 b.c.?);
and the conceptions and modern verse of Bei Dao, "the poet who travels without a passport".


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