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"This song was performed spontaneously during a recording session in Montreal. The memory of the words and emotions that moved me while hearing the song played by Garland Jeffreys many years ago is still strong. For all the flaws in the performance, I think it does justice to the spirit of a great song and Garland has kindly allowed me to present my version."

Original lyrics by Garland Jeffreys 1976
Adapted by J.D. Sage with Garland Jeffreys' kind permission

Oh signorita
When the evening sun go down
I come to serenade you
From another part of town.

Rafaella is my mother's name.
She loves her Juan Jose
My mother is a matriarch
Oh what more can I say
Together they raised three children
Mario Carmen and Ray
They live near de Janeiro
on Mona da Vinci Bay

I'm gonna eat my rice and beans
I'm gonna suck on a chili dog
Way down in Spanish Town
In the Spanish fog

Oh I love you to meet my friend Don Juan
He loves to play the mandolin
Signoritas they gather 'round'
Cause they think that he's a Mexican
But I know so much better
I'm holding here the proof
Don Juan is a gringo boy
He's not telling us the truth

But he loves his rice and beans
He's gonna suck on a chili dog
Way down in SpanishTown
In a Spanish fog

I love you to meet Margarita

Margarita she is calling me
And I love to hear my name
Out the lights and bring on the wine
It's Fiesta time again
You know I love my Portugal
'cause she shows me what to do
All the roads lead to Mexico
but they bring me back to you

She's gonna eat her rice and beans
She's gonna suck on a chili dog
Way down in Spanish Town
In the Spanish fog

Revolution is in the street
I can feel it in my blood
I can see Allende still crying out
But they nip him at the bud
Oh they're talking in the alleys
  of Old San Juan, Old San Juan
All the soldiers gonna walk the trail
Big sombreros see them everywhere
Zapata lands in jail

Ain't gonna eat no rice and beans
Ain't gonna suck on nobody's chili dog
Way down in SpanishTown
In a Spanish fog
Way down in Spanish Town

Garland Jeffreys' albums "Truth Serum" & "The King of In Between" are great and sincere works of
lyrical and musical art: A real and fantastic contribution to true Americana.
I have played them many times and will keep playing them. Good on you Garland. J.D.Sage

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