"Guantanamo Bay Song" ( a song of freedom)*



They took me from the mountains
For what I think they say
They took me from the mountains
and they put me in a cage.

So I'm sending you a letter
From far across the sea
They've put me in a
prison and they've thrown
away the key

I'm sending you a letter,
from my heart today
Im sending you a letter
from my heart and Guantanamo Bay.

(To be continued..)


Listen to: Obama on "Guantanamo Bay" (2009)

Music available at www.iTunes.com and BenT Music.ca

Cia Site : http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/cu.html

Amnesty international : http://web.amnesty.org/pages/guantanamobay-index-eng                              


* A song for OK and other tortured prisoners. Available on "Americas" Album (recorded at UNISON STUDIOS & BG Studio Montreal)Copyright J.D.Sage MMIV-MMXI