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"Magic (A Dance)" is an original pop song of words and music by J.D.SAGE, Troubadour (aka: Jade Sage). This song is a true performance, recorded “Hot” in Montreal, Québec, Canada; features soft vocals in English: Guitar and Bells by J.D.Sage; Keyboards by Sal Mascia. Recorded by Juno Award winner Morris Apelbaum.
This romantic love song gives an original melodious poetic insight into the benefit of a little magic for love in life. Have a nice dance with “Magic (A Dance)”. Cheers..

A soothing romantic melodic love song and a dance with vocals, acoustic guitar,
piano and bells. J.D.Sage is an international Troubadour who composes and performs his own original words and melodic music. Herecords in Australia, Canada and Cuba.
He sings in mostly English and sometimes French and Spanish. His lyrics are often
political and romantic...

"These words may calm -
And I hope they do -
Stretch your mind;
Make you feel good too:
And if by chance
They speak for you
It's proof to me
The words are true." J.D.Sage

"Internet Highway Cruising Song" (4:06)
is another single with social comment lyrics:
The world of texts and little screens, as told by a long-distance truck driver.
These songs and others are presented by a Troubadour who has
travelled throughout the World."

"Magic (A Dance)" Please follow these links to learn more about J.D.SAGE and hear his music and lyrics. "What About Me?" Video (Preview), http://www.cdbaby.ca, http://www.itunes.com, http://www.amazon.com, www.jdsage.com, Video Promotion and also "Internet Highway Cruising Song" Video


J.D.Sage Troubadour What About Me? Video Preview "Magic (A Dance"

"Magic (A Dance)" (4:10) is available to Producers in Canada, Australia, France, USA and "VML" at CBC, SRC & ABC libraries. Producers requiring more information or radio interviews may contact J.D.SAGE.

J.D.Sage Troubadour What About Me? Cover art Rene Lalonde
Rene Lalonde: "Magic (A Dance)" Original Cover Art.

Merci Rene Lalonde, J.D.Sage.

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